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Donna has experience in offering support in a number of healthcare settings; while this support may be full or part time, it is important for enquirers to be aware that Donna often gets pre-booked many months in advance.

Working together to support resolution of the issues facing you or your organisation, Donna Ockenden is able to help with a number of different scenarios regularly facing organisations including, (but not limited to) the following:

Clinical leadership of multidisciplinary teams

Donna has the ability to step in at short notice to support a service where relationships are under strain, to resolve issues with challenging behaviour, or liaise between members of a multidisciplinary team to formulate objectives thus rapidly reaching the desired outcome. Examples might include tensions between providers and commissioners, establishing effective working relationships across a network, or supporting teams under strain. In addition Donna is able to deal with and support clinical teams who are unable to work effectively together or teams where there are concerns with challenging behaviour negatively affecting delivery of high quality clinical care.

Donna has extensive experience working with a wide range of colleagues including nurses, midwives, AHPs and consultant colleagues.

Service reviews

Donna can give support in a number of scenarios including:

  • Service reconfiguration. Supporting the development of clinically led and sustainable service reconfiguration where Donna has experience of working with service users, clinical teams, Overview and Scrutiny Committees and the Royal Colleges in delivering service reconfigurations that give patient benefit.
  • Challenging Cost Improvement Plans (CIPs). Applying a ‘common sense’ approach to unravelling and resolving the need to deliver often challenging CIPs whilst maintaining the delivery of safe, high quality and clinically effective services. Donna has worked alongside a number of leading ‘financial turnaround’ teams to jointly achieve these aims.

Other assistance and advice available from Donna Ockenden

  • In addition, Donna can be utilised to undertake service reviews and to formulate recommendations or support delivery of action plans following on from critical incidents, or clinical concerns, Care Quality Commission/Royal College visits/reports and requirements or issues arising from Maintaining High Professional Standards (MHPS) investigations. Donna also has extensive experience of working with and between NHS Trusts and service users to resolve seemingly intractable complaints or to assist with resolution where relationships have deteriorated between service providers and patients/families/patient representatives.
  • Donna Ockenden has many years’ experience of working to support fundraising for and awareness of charities associated with maternal wellbeing. Successful fundraising events have included delivery of a number of successful conferences associated with reduction of maternal morbidity and mortality.
  • Donna has a long and successful track record in utilising IT to improve information regarding a service, including the award winning ‘Edie the E Midwife’, was developed in partnership between service users, GPs and hospital teams including the use of a virtual joint Maternity/GP project group.

Please feel free to contact Donna or her team to assess whether she is the best person to provide assistance to you or your organisation. If not she will be the first person to tell you that. On occasions Donna may be able to recommend another colleague more suited to your immediate needs. She has an extensive contact list of colleagues across the NHS, industry, finance, HR and marketing.