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2020 Testimonials

“Thank you for listening and understanding. It is very much appreciated- artwork courtesy of my 4 year old.”

Ms W,
May 2020

“X did a talk last night at our sister-in-law’s ladies group and wanted to donate his expenses to Four Streets. “

Mrs B
March 2020

“Please find enclosed a donation towards the work, the wonderful work, that you do for the homeless in our city.

When my uncle, X , died we set up a charitable trust. I am sure that he would be delighted to know that this donation will be used to help many desperate and underprivileged people having to sleep rough in our city.

Every good wish, Y “

March 2020

“You do such a great job”

C C , 
February 2020

“Well done for all you do! It’s amazing”

A D,
February 2020

“Thank you for all you do, you’re amazing “

G D, 
February 2020

“It’s people like you Donna – that make the world a better place”

J S, 
February 2020

“Dear Donna, I hope that you have enjoyed your visit to Newham the day before and thank you for taking time to talk to me. The colleagues and I were very impressed by your words of encouragement and inspiration.”

Midwife N,
January 2020

“Well done Four Streets! Keep up the amazing work!”

A R, 
January 2020

“Thank you for the good work you do”

S G, 
January 2020

“Thank God there are people like you in the world. Such selfless work. “

T L-S, 
January 2020

“Well done Four Streets for your amazing selfless work”

C G, 
January 2020

“The work you do is so encouraging and inspirational, I hope you get all the support you need to keep up this important work.”

S K, 
January 2020

“You are amazing. Thank you Donna and Team for doing what many of us would like to do. You put thoughts into action and make a difference.”

J L, 
January 2020

“Much love to The Chichester Four Streets Project for all you do.”

Mr C G, 
January 2020

“As always, thank you so much for all your help, patience, support and kind words.”

Mrs W

“It’s such a difficult thing to go through, even all this time on for me. I’m so thankful to you all for everything that you are doing.”

Mrs B

“I thank you again for taking the time out to help me and my family, to bring the full scale of events to account and it means a great deal that you are there for us.”

Mrs S

“Keep up the excellent work.”

Mrs M