Donna Ockenden Limited supporting Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (March 2019)

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I have found that you have been a fantastic lead and point of contact

Ms M, Shropshire
March 2019


Thanks for your support as ever!

Ms K, Shropshire
March 2019


We really appreciate the honest feedback and the thorough way in which you have organised the review. It is impressive and has showed how independent it is.

A family member, Shropshire
March 2019


I have faith that your team will do a top-quality unbiased job

Ms A
March 2019


Once again Donna, many, many thanks, you have helped mend my broken heart

Mrs S
February 2019


Thanks so much for everything you are doing on behalf of me and so many others, I really do appreciate it.

Ms P
January 2019


I’m very humbled by all the hard work and dedication you have shown, I’m feeling a lot at peace, emotional and happy all at the same time

Mrs S
January 2019


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your relentless work in exposing the unacceptable care and treatment that vulnerable people with Dementia endured on the Dementia assessment ward  Tawel Fan, Ysbyty Glan Clwyd,  BCUHB. Your first report published in June 2015 was the catalyst to the review of the Governance arrangements that were in place at the time of the Tawel Fan scandal and up to the early part of 2018. Your Governance review highlighted a lack of governance and major system failures that permeated throughout Older People’s Mental Health Services in North Wales.
My family and I will always be grateful for your genuine kindness, support, honesty and objectivity throughout a very difficult time. Your resilience and determination in the search for the evidenced truth is commendable.
It remains to be seen if BCUHB will make any significant progress in improving the care and treatment of people with Dementia and the wider services of Older People’s Mental Health Services following your Governance Review, but there is some comfort to be had in that these services are no longer under the radar but are now under a very bright spotlight. For that, I also thank you.

Mrs J, North Wales
January 2019